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Webmasters: got a baby-related site? Want more interested, motivated people to visit? Then try linking up with Slumber Sounds. We'll both benefit!

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If you've got a site involving baby products or information, it's simple to exchange links with Slumber Sounds. Here's how to go about it in four easy steps.

1.  Text links to individual product pages work, so kindly just type the text below into the HTML code of your links page:

<P><A href=""> Prince or Princess- now you have a choice.</A></P>

2.  If you prefer an image link, here's a small one you can use to link to our home page:

Just right-click the graphic, and save it to the file where your keep your site's images. Then, type this text into the HTML code of your links page:

<A href=""><IMG alt="Baby Soothing Info and Products from" border="0" src="images/babymoonsmall.gif" width="120" height="60"></A>

3.   If a larger image fits better into your page design, try this one:

Again, simply save the image and type your HTML; change your image name to babymoonwide.gif and width to 468.

4.   Then click below to send a message letting us know where to find our link on your site:

IMPORTANT: Because we're overwhelmed with unwanted emails, our mail is filtered. So include the words "customer question" in your message's subject line, or else it'll be filtered and we'll never see it. 

Also, tell us which page on your site you want your link from us to point to. We'll make a reciprocal link back to your site pronto.

5.   Sit back, relax, and watch your traffic build over the coming weeks and months!

Thanks for working with us.



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